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Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Books I Wish Were Made Into Movies


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week the Top Ten theme is: Movie Freebie.  I have chosen to list out my all time Top Ten Books I Wish Were Made Into Movies.

When I say movies I don’t mean movies that ARE NOTHING like the book (e.g. Da Vinci Code or The Girl on the Train) but rather movies which are not adapted and are true to the bones of the story and brings life to the characters which up until now have been developed by my imagination.

Note: Where I have published a review of the book I have linked the link back to the post in the title.  Where I haven’t…forgive me.  I am new to blogging but very old to writing so I am catching up!

1. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.19302218

Who could not want to see this as a movie? To see Jude, JB, Willem and Malcolm living their lives in NY would be fantastic.  I do wonder whether some of the subject matter would be difficult to watch but, in my opinion, it would be utterly worth it!

2. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

This is hands down my ultimate favourite book.  This is one of the very rare novels which describe India as it is.  To see this epic on the Big Screen would be amazing!

3. Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInervey

This was my favourite of the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist this year (and deservedly the winner!).  To see the mum actually hit the ‘burglar’ with the holy stone would be hilarious! I wonder who would play Ryan? Maybe, Colin Farrell?

4. His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

This crime novel would make a great movie – flitting back and forth from the murderer’s account of the crime to the witness statements would be a great touch (I need to copyright that idea!). Link to the book review in the title if that piques your interest!

5. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

With today’s technology one has to wonder why this book has NOT been made into a movie!  Its magic and suspense kept me reading it which I am more than certain can be conveyed into a film.

6. A Suitable boy by Vikram Seth

Another epic…I know!

7. The Golem & The Djinni by Helene Wecker

See reason for 5) above!

8. Smoke by Dan Vyleta

This was one of the most originally inventive novels I have read this year.  It is ripe for a sequel and even more ripe for a movie!

9. The Vegetarian by Han Kang

This, as a movie, would be both wonderful and harrowing.  Just imagine the chapter narrated by the Brother-In-Law on the big screen: the painting of the body and the way the flowers move with the body’s movements…That could be beautiful. Book review link in the title if that has piqued your interest!

10. Ruby by Cynthia Bond

I would love to see this magical novel on the Big Screen.  The filmmakers have enough to play with here, prejudices, love and the supernatural. Link to the book review in the title if that sounds like something up your street!

Thanks for reading this post – I hope you enjoyed it! Which books would you like to see be developed into movies?

Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoyed it!

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