Review Policy

Since starting this blog, I have been approached to review new books.  I absolutely love reading new books and so I have outlined a policy in which I am happy to do this below.

Book review 

I refrain from summarising the plot and characters as much as possible as this is what is one of the gifts of reading: finding it out for yourself and allowing your imagination to picture the story.  If you are looking for someone who won’t opine on the writing, the story and/or the subject matter – I am afraid I am not the reviewer for you!

Books that I won’t review

Young Adult books.  Apologies, but I don’t really enjoy this genre.


I ought to be clear that if I do not enjoy the book I will say so however, I will be fair.  It may be worth reading my blog posts to see how I do this.

Contacting me for a book review

If you would like me to review a book please email me at with a brief description of it, the anticipated publication date and when you would like the review by.

I hope this is helpful!